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Calcium Carbonate Granular DC Grade with Starch

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Calcium Carbonate DC grade with starch is Directly compressible calcium carbonate with starch. It can be used for chewable tablets and the capsule, in food and pharmacy field
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Calcium Carbonate granular ( DC90 /CS90 grade)

DC 90 grade

GCC DC grade




Sl. No.



Test Parameters


Acceptance Criteria


Test Result


Method Reference


  1. 1.       



White to off-white fine granules.

In house

  1. 2.       



A.     It produces effervescence.

B.     Responds to the tests for Calcium.

C.     Maltodextrin: A red precipitate is formed.

A.   USP

B.   USP

C.   In house

  1. 3.       

Loss on drying

(at 105°C for 3 hrs)


Not more than 2.0%.


In house

  1. 4.       

Bulk density

Between 0.60 g/cc and 0.80 g/cc.



In house

  1. 5.       

Sieve test

i)      35 mesh: 95.0% pass through minimum.

ii)     200 mesh: 90.0% retained minimum.


i)    In house

ii)   In house

  1. 6.       

Assay (Dried basis)


Not less than 88.0% and not more than 93.0% of Calcium Carbonate.



  1. 7.       

Microbial limit tests


i)    Total aerobic microbial count: Not more than 1000 cfu/g.

ii)   Total combined molds and yeasts count: Not more than 100 cfu/g.

iii)  Escherichia coli: Absent/g.

iv)  Salmonella species: Absent /10 g



i)     In house

ii)    In house

iii)  In house

iv)   In house



  N.B: Granulated Calcium Carbonate (90%) with Maltodextrin (10%)






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