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  • Food Grade Nano Calcium Carbonate
    Nano Calcium Carbonate food grade

    Hy Sailing Nano carbonate calcium can be used in most foods and beverages.

    • Dried fruits

    • Canned products like sardines

    • Most frozen foods

    • Most cereals

    • Aromatized (made to smell good) beverages

    • Processed meat and fish products

    • Milk, Bakery, Beer

  • Calcium Carbonate Granule DC Grade with Acacia Gum
    Calcium Carbonate Granule DC Grade with Acacia Gum for the food nutrition, medicine using in tablet and capsule.
  • Calcium Carbonate Granular DC Grade with Starch
    Calcium Carbonate DC grade with starch is Directly compressible calcium carbonate with starch. It can be used for chewable tablets and the capsule, in food and pharmacy field
  • Calcium Carbonate Granular DC Grade (CS90)
    Calcium Carbonate Granular DC Grade CS90 for tablet using, food supplement, medicine, pharmacy using
  • Calcium Carbonate Granule ( DC grade )
    We produce and sell 100,000MT 200 meshes to 15000 meshes CaCo3(GCC,PCC,Nano Calcium Carbonate) powder each year. Our product has the reputation of high whiteness and high purity.
    The PCC powder is widely used in different industries, such as plastic, rubber, EVA, cable, paper, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and ceramics.
  • Nano Calcium Carbonate for Sealant, Adhesive(CCR,CC)
    Application: used in reactive adhesives, hot melt adhesive, chlorine chloroprene rubber adhesive, water-based adhesive, sealant and sealing resin material, for example, polyurethane, polysulfide, polysiloxane, change of polysiloxane, polybutene, urea formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin
    Function and Features: it can be applied to the sealing material, adhesive,not only provides excellent thixotropy, anti collapse and storage stability,but also gives excellent heat resistance in dry condition.Under greatly reducing cost condition,the adhesive bonding performance has been improved. Such as can improve the rheological properties in PVC plastic sol,enhance in structural silicone sealant and reduce the cost, increment ,reinforcement ,resist heat in hot melt adhesive,thickening and takifying in water-based adhesives. Especially in silicone rubber,has good compatibility system, can significantly reduce the cost and improve the strength and thixotropy in silicone adhesive.
  • Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder
    Structural Formula: CaCO3
    Character:White Fine Powder,Colorless,Tasteless。Narrow size distribution, high whiteness, low oil absorption capacity.
    Application: The products are widely used in all kinds of high-grade paint, paint, ink, sealant, paper and other industries.
    Packaging: Composite Plastic Woven Bag 25KG/ bag

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