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  • Mica powder ( Sericite powder ) for Refractory material
    Hy Sailing Sericite is an excellent refractory material with excellent characteristics of heat resistance, insulation, and corrosion resistance.

    It is widely used in the field of construction, such as high-temperature furnaces, steel smelting, building fire prevention.


    Also a common material in building insulation materials.

  • Sericite/Mica Powder- Industry Grade
    Sericite/Mica Powder

    Molecular Formulation: Al2K2O6Si

    CAS No.: 12001-26-2

    Rubber,Plastic,PP,PE,PVC,Paper,Packaging Materials Anti-corrosion paints,Coating,Ceramic Products,Welding Electrodes,Poultry Feed Ingredients ,Food Ingredients,Cosmetics,Pharmaceuticals,Metallurgy , Electrical insulation materials and other industries.…

    Advantages:Our Sericite powder showed excellent elastic, flexible, abrasion resistance, wear resistance and heat insulation,with low solubility in acid or alkali solution, super chemical properties,high heat-resistance,(above 1000℃),high chemical corrosion resistance,excellent UV shielding affect.
    Packing: 25 KGS/50KGS per bag,or according to customer requirement

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