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  • Sericite/Mica Powder- Industry Grade
    Sericite/Mica Powder

    Molecular Formulation: Al2K2O6Si

    CAS No.: 12001-26-2

    Rubber,Plastic,PP,PE,PVC,Paper,Packaging Materials Anti-corrosion paints,Coating,Ceramic Products,Welding Electrodes,Poultry Feed Ingredients ,Food Ingredients,Cosmetics,Pharmaceuticals,Metallurgy , Electrical insulation materials and other industries.…

    Advantages:Our Sericite powder showed excellent elastic, flexible, abrasion resistance, wear resistance and heat insulation,with low solubility in acid or alkali solution, super chemical properties,high heat-resistance,(above 1000℃),high chemical corrosion resistance,excellent UV shielding affect.
    Packing: 25 KGS/50KGS per bag,or according to customer requirement

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