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Calcium Carbonate Granule DC Grade with Acacia Gum

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Calcium Carbonate Granule DC Grade with Acacia Gum for the food nutrition, medicine using in tablet and capsule.
  • HS-CCG

  • Hy-Sailing

  • HS CODE:28365000


Calcium Carbonate granule ( DC90 grade) with Acacia gum





Sl. No.



Test Parameters


Acceptance Criteria


Test Result


Method Reference


  1. 1.       



White to off-white fine granules.

In house

  1. 2.       



A.     It produces effervescence.

B.     Responds to the tests for Calcium.

C.     Acacia gum

A.   USP

B.   USP

 C.   In house

  1. 3.       

Loss on drying

(at 105°C for 3 hrs)


Not more than 2.0%.


In house

  1. 4.       

Bulk density

Between 0.60 g/cc and 0.80 g/cc.



In house

  1. 5.       

Sieve test

i)      35 mesh: 95.0% pass through minimum.

ii)     200 mesh: 90.0% retained minimum.


i)    In house

ii)   In house

  1. 6.       

Assay (Dried basis)


Not less than 88.0% and not more than 93.0% of Calcium Carbonate.



  1. 7.       

Microbial limit tests


i)    Total aerobic microbial count: Not more than 1000 cfu/g.

ii)   Total combined molds and yeasts count: Not more than 100 cfu/g.

iii)  Escherichia coli: Absent/g.

iv)  Salmonella species: Absent /10 g



i)     In house

ii)    In house

iii)  In house

iv)   In house



  N.B: Granulated Calcium Carbonate (90%) with Acacia gum (10%) or can be adjusted according to client requirement










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