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Calcium carbonate for cigarette paper

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this product acts as food additive. Nutrition enhancement, it act on during food processing,and it effect on loosing, calcium replenishment The product is widely used in industries of health Care products and Salt.Also can be used in Cigarette paper mill.

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  • 2836500000

Certificate of the Analyze

Product Name Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Lot No. 2016HX092102 Produce Date 2016-9-21
Specs 500kg/ Bag Date Of Certificate 2016-10-11
Test Standard HG/T2226-2010
Item Specification Result
 (CaCO3w/%     99.0 99.1
PH Value10% suspension)   9.0-10.5 9.36
105℃ Volatile w /%   1.0 0.5
Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter w/%   0.20 0.05
Sedimentation volumeml/g)     3.4 3.5
 (Mnw/%     0.008 0.001
 (Few/%      0.08 0.01
Fineness (sieve residue) w/%     125um All Passed All Passed
45um 0.2 0.15
  Whiteness/Brighteness       95.0 95.44
Oil Absorption /g/100g)     ——  
Black spotspc/g)         5 3
 (Pbw/%              0.0010 N/A
 (Crw/%              0.0005 N/A
 (Hgw/%              0.0002 N/A
 (Cdw/%              0.0002 N/A
 (Asw/%              0.0003 N/A
Conclusion Confirm with Specification
Storage Store dry place
Shelf Life 24 months if sealed and store dry place


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